Understanding My Bill
Walton EMC bills its customer-owners on a monthly basis. The co-op's service area is divided into billing cycles and each member's meter is read approximately every 30 days. Differences in cycle length may be due to weather, cooperative employees' workload or other factors.

How to Read My Electric Bill

Knowing how to read your electric bill is an easy way to monitor your exact energy usage.

Your monthly electric bill contains a lot of important information.

  1. Return Payment Stub
    Please return this portion of the statement with your payment to ensure that your account will be properly credited.
  2. Prior Month Billing
    This section notes the billing and payment activity for the prior month.
  3. Current Month Billing
    This section details the current month's charges. Electric service charges, energy consumption and rate information is noted here.
  4. Meter Readings
    In this section, you'll find the current and prior meter readings, kWh used and meter number.
  5. Comparison Data
    This area includes useful information for comparing the current billing month with the same general time period a year ago. Average daily kWh usage, and days of service in each billing period are noted here. Each of these three variables may have a tremendous impact on the total amount of energy used at your premises.
Information that identifies you & your membership
in Walton EMC:
  • Billing number
  • Service location number
  • Meter number(s)
  • Member number
  • Billing name and current mailing address
Information about your electric consumption:
  • Meter reading dates
  • Meter readings
  • kWh consumption
  • Rate designation(s) and cost(s) per kWh
  • Facility charges
  • The applicable Power Cost Adjustment for the month
  • Any credits due
Billing and payment information:
  • Previous balance
  • Any applicable late fees
  • Amount of current bill
  • Payment due date
  • Billing date
  • Bill payment locations and hours

Rates & Fees

Current residential rates and other fees that you see on your electric bill are listed below for your reference.

Standard Residential Rate (A-15)
(June through October)
Service Charge* - $17.00
First 800 kWh - 8¢ per kWh
All over 800 kWh - 8.7¢ per kWh
(November through May)
Service Charge - $17.00
First 400 kWh - 7.8¢ per kWh
Next 700 kWh - 5.5¢ per kWh
All over 1100 kWh - 4.6¢ per kWh
All residential rates subject to Power Cost Adjustment. *Look here for an explanation of the service charge.
Outdoor Security Lighting Service (OL-11)
Overhead Distribution Systems 100 watt HPS yard light, open bottom fixture, on existing pole - $6.75/month
100 watt HPS yard light, open bottom fixture, on new wood pole - $9.25/month (or $6.75/month with one time $350 contribution for wood pole)
Underground Distribution Systems 100 watt HPS open bottom fixture - $9.75/month

Membership Fee - $5.00

Security Deposits - Residential Service
The deposit amount will be determined by your credit rating provided by a credit reporting agency. The deposits will be charged according to the following scale:

  • Low Credit Rating- $300.00
  • Medium Credit Rating - $150.00
  • High Credit Rating - No Deposit Required

Service Fees

  • Account Establishment - $20.00
  • Temporary Service - $100.00
  • Late Charge - The greater of $20 or five percent of the arrears amount
  • Collection by Field Services Rep (meter reader) - $30.00
  • Returned Check - $30.00
  • Service Fees for Reconnection (per trip) During Regular Working Hours - $30.00
  • Investigation/Tampering Fee - $100.00 for first offense and an additional $100 cumulative charge thereafter (i.e., $200 for second offense, $300 for third offense, etc.).
  • Meter Test Fee - $50.00

Due Dates

  • Avoid penalties by paying your bill on time. Your Walton EMC bill is due 21 days from the billing date.
  • If the due date falls on a day other than a regular business day, payment is due on the next regular business day.
  • Accounts not paid by the time the next bill is issued will have a late fee added to the balance. The late fee is equal to the greater of five percent of the arrears amount or $20.
  • If the arrears amount remains unpaid after getting the next month's bill, the account is subject to field collection (with a $10 collection fee) or disconnection.
  • You will have at least 45 days from billing to disconnection.
  • Failure to receive an electric statement does not release you from your obligation to pay.