Customer Service FAQ
Q:  How do I find out about job openings?
A:  Visit the Jobs section for information about the positions that are currently available at Walton EMC.
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Q:  Why is my bill higher than normal?
A:  There may be several reasons. These are the most common:

  1. More days on the bill this month
  2. Weather has been warmer/cooler this month
  3. Heating/cooling system has a problem (outside unit not running, low on refrigerant, loose/leaky ductwork, dirty filter)
  4. Water heater/plumbing system has a problem (burned out water heater element, stuck water heater thermostat, hot water leak, waterlogged well)
  5. Unusual circumstance (new baby, holidays, visitors, more cooking or clothes drying than normal)

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Q:  What is the WPCA charge on my bill?
A:  WPCA is short for wholesale power cost adjustment. It’s a way to allow for temporary fluctuations in what Walton EMC pays for wholesale electricity without making changes to the entire retail rate schedule. It protects the cooperative and its customer-owners from both under and over collecting on wholesale power costs.
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Q:  Why don’t I see a payment on both of my accounts when I paid my invoice bill online?
A:  You must put in both account numbers when paying. If not, the entire payment will be credited to one account.
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Q:  Where can I find my password for online bill pay?
A:  Look on your power bill. It's written in green right above "Total Amount Due."
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Q:  I don’t remember asking to participate in Operation Round Up. What is it and why is it on my bill?
A: Customer-owners participating in Operation Round Up allow their power bill to be rounded to the next dollar each month. The resulting change goes to help worthy causes in our community.

Your board of directors voted to automatically designate every new account for participation in the Operation Round Up program. Participation is voluntary and you can be removed from the program at any time. Look here for more information.
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Q:  How much does it cost to set up electric service?
A:  Each new account requires a $20 account establishment fee and a $5 membership fee. There’s also a standard deposit of $300. This deposit may be waived or lowered depending on the results of a credit check or a letter of credit from your former power supplier showing a good payment record for at least 12 months. To learn more about establishing an account, click here.
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Q:  How much does it cost to put power lines underground for new construction?
A:  Section 202 of Walton EMC’s Service Rules and Regulations sets a MINIMUM charge of $800 for new underground service. The charge may be more depending on the length of the service run and other variables. Our engineering department will determine the actual cost after completing its survey.
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Q:  Can you move my existing power lines underground?
A:  It may be possible, but most of the time, highly impractical and extremely expensive. Unlike new construction, there are probably logistic challenges and expenses from obstructions that have been put in place since the original line was built. There is also the expense of retiring the existing line.
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Q:  How much does an outdoor light cost?
A:  The final monthly charge and installation cost will be determined by our engineering department. County code requirements and construction factors have to be considered in the decision.
LEARN MORE about Walton EMC’s outdoor lighting options and some general costs.
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Q:  Will you take down a dead tree in my yard that’s near my service wire?
A:  We will only trim limbs that touch service lines. We don’t remove trees on private property. You can call us for an appointment to have your service line disconnected so your tree service can safely remove the dead tree.
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