Marathon Water Heaters

Chefs rely on Marathon Water Heaters

Walton EMC is the Metro Atlanta and Greater Athens dealer for the energy-efficient Marathon®.







Seamless polybutene inner tank reinforced with filament wound fiberglass for strength

Eliminates leaks

Envirofoam insulation

Keeps heat in the tank better than any water heater on the market, saves in operating costs over conventional water heaters

Water resistant tank shell

Won’t rust like steel tanks. Ideal for harsh commercial and agricultural environments.


Easier to handle and install

Recessed drain valve

Protected against damage

No anode rod

Eliminates hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg) odors

Front-mounted electrical junction box

Simple, accessible electrical hook up

Bowl-shaped, self-cleaning tank

Allows more complete draining of minerals, scale and sediment build-up

High-tech heating elements

Upper element protects plastic tank from damage caused by energizing elements before tank is filled with water. Lower element is high-grade stainless steel for long life

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40 Gallon

50 Gallon

50 Gallon (short)

85 Gallon

105 Gallon







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Cutaway interior view of a Marathon water heater.