Staff Contacts



  • Ronnie Lee, President/CEO
  • Kathy Joiner, Executive Assistant
, President/CEO
    Questions on Operation Round Up

Corporate Services

Power Supply

Energy Services

  • Jeff Paul, Member Services Director

    Questions on WEMC's builder and developer program; residential energy services in Eastern Walton, Morgan, Oconee, Athens-Clarke, Barrow and Greene Counties; questions on Real Protection surge suppression, grounding and power quality
  • Rigs Santos, Energy Auditor Specialist

    Questions on residential energy services in Gwinnett, Rockdale, Western Walton and DeKalb Counties
  • Keith Taylor, C&I Account Executive

    Questions on commercial and industrial accounts
  • Scott Walker, C&I Account Executive
Questions on commercial and industrial accounts

Engineering & Operations

  • Ron Marshall, Senior VP
  • Debra Clay, Administrative Assistant

    Questions on engineering; operations; power lines; right-of-way
  • Brad Adcock, Director of Safety and Training

    Questions on electrical and power line safety

Community & Public Relations

  • Greg Brooks, MCC, Community and Public Relations Director
Questions on website content, communications, publications and media relations
  • Savannah Chandler, MCC, Communications Coordinator
    Questions on natural gas website content, communications, and publications
  • Kathy Ivie, Community and Youth Specialist

    Questions on charitable programs
  • Jennifer Broun, Community and Youth Representative
Questions on youth programs, scheduling school, civic and community programs
  • Cindy Haddon, Marketing Specialist
    Questions on community programs

Finance & Administration

Natural Gas