Line Technicians: Dressed for Success

Line Technician Protective Gear

Walton EMC Line Technician Chad Wilkes knows better than to go to work half-dressed. He has special clothing and tools that allow him to work on live power lines and do his job safely.

But you don't have the same outfit Chad does. That's why you should never try to touch any utility line, even if you think it's dead.

  1. Hard Hat-Protects head from falling objects and bumps. Also insulates head in case of electrical contact.
  2. Safety Glasses-Protects eyes from debris, flying objects and other hazards.
  3. Rubber Sleeves-Protects shoulders and arms from electrical contact.
  4. Rubber Gloves-Insulates hands and fingers from live electrical circuit. Allows line technicians to repair lines without cutting off your power.
  5. Leather Protectors-Protects rubber gloves from punctures.
  6. Rubber Overshoes-Insulates feet from electrical current.
  7. Fire Resistant Shirt-Protects against flames, flash fire and electric arc.
  8. Climbing Belt-Securely supports line technician's weight when climbing poles. Also holds tools and supplies to free hands as necessary.
  9. Fiberglass Extendable Stick-telescopes to 30 feet and allows line technician to perform some tasks from the ground.