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What is PrePay?

PrePay is pay-along electricity. Instead of receiving a monthly bill after the fact, you set the payment plan and amounts that fit your budget. PrePay gives you control over your energy costs and is available to most residential customer-owners.

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How does PrePay work?

You put money in your account in advance of electricity use. Then every day, we calculate the value of the energy you use and subtract that amount from your balance. When the balance gets to a level you set, we send an alert to let you know it’s time to put more money on your account.

You’re in control of how much electricity you use and how much and when you pay for it.

Is PrePay right for me?

PrePay accounts are self-managed.

PrePay may be right for you if:

  • It’s easier for you to make weekly or bi-weekly advance payments.
  • You want to pay several months in advance.
  • You’re interested in closely monitoring your energy use.

What does it cost to participate in PrePay?

There is no extra cost for participating in PrePay. You must have at least $50 in your energy account to begin. If you're establishing a new account with Walton EMC, there is also a standard $5 membership fee and $20 account establishment fee required.

Is there a deposit required?

Any existing deposit will be applied to your PrePay account. If you have an outstanding balance, ask about our catch-up plan where portions of your payments are applied to that balance until paid in full.

Are there any fees with PrePay?

PrePay participants do not pay collection, reconnection or late fees. If your account gets disconnected, you must bring your energy balance to at least $20 before reconnection.

How do I make a PrePay payment?

During regular business hours:

  • at our Snellville, Monroe or Watkinsville offices

24 hours a day:

  • myWaltonEMC smartphone app
  • 770.267.8409

Will I receive a bill?

No. You only receive balance alerts.

How do I know when I need to buy more electricity?

You’ll receive alerts by email or text when your account balance reaches a dollar amount you set.

You can check your account at any time by:

  • using the myWaltonEMC smartphone app
  • logging on to
  • calling 770.267.8409

What if my account runs low?

You’ll receive an alert by the method you select and at the amount you set, giving you time to buy more electricity. If your PrePay balance reaches zero, your service is subject to immediate disconnection. Purchasing more power is quick and easy, even at night and on weekends. You must purchase enough to bring the account to at least a $20 balance.

If my balance runs out, how quickly does my power come back on once I pay?

Reconnection occurs quickly and automatically usually within 15 minutes, 24/7.

How much should I keep in my PrePay account?

It’s up to you. PrePay is especially designed to fit your budget. Buy enough to last until payday or the next several months.

Can I still have a security light and participate in Operation Round Up?

Yes. Items like these are prorated and a portion of your payment goes to satisfy them.

Will I lose my capital credits on PrePay?

No. You will continue to accrue capital credits based on the amount of business you do with Walton EMC.

Can I switch back to a standard account if I find PrePay is not right for me?


How do I get started?

Apply for PrePay Service Online, call 770.267.2505, or come by one of our offices to speak with our friendly customer service representatives for all the details.

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