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"I would like to express my appreciation for the energy audit service provided at my home today. I had many questions regarding replacement of both my HVAC and water heater, as well as associated problems I was having with my current equipment. Rigs Santos, energy auditor specialist, patiently explained solutions to me. He was most professional, knowledgeable, courteous and careful around my home. Thank all of you for the service and hard work you provide."

-Gary Cool, Bishop

"I recently experienced a partial power outage at my residence during a night when extreme cold was expected, which meant I did not have heat. Mike Beck and Chad Wilkes came to my home on two occasions to address the problem and, during the second visit, they worked continuously through rain and snow until the problem was resolved some seven hours later. I wish to commend these two employees for their diligence and professionalism in their work to fix the problem. Thank you for the hiring and training process that allows you to employ such outstanding individuals. Thank you for such excellent service."

-Craig Miller, Athens

"Thank you to all of the Walton EMC employees that helped us out at Centerville Elementary School. We had a report of partial power failure - we had a phase out and the dispatch department had a service truck on the way immediately. With the help of Monroe Morrow and his crews, they located the bad spot in the primary, spliced and we were back to normal before lunchtime. Everyone did their job and was very courteous and professional. Though it could have turned out as a bad situation, we all worked together to make the best of it. All I saw this morning was teamwork. Thanks to all, good job."

-Richard Gilleland, Gwinnett County Public Schools

"We wanted to acknowledge our delight and surprise at the recent capital credit refund check from Walton EMC. What a pleasant surprise. And how counter to the image presented by most businesses and organizations these days. Thank you very much."

-Ernest Bower, Lilburn

"Your office has been wonderful in coming out quickly to repair the street lights in our subdivision. We really appreciate it. Whenever I call I get a real person and they put in the order request and you all are out here within a few days. Even though we live in a safe neighborhood we still always want the streetlights to be working. Thanks again for keeping us in the light."

-Scarlett Kirby, Lilburn

"Recently I had some construction work done which required the power to be cut off to my house. Dennis Simmons, from Walton EMC, came to do the work. I was so impressed. Not only was he efficient and knowledgeable, but he took all safety precautions seriously. He was very polite and courteous, and did his very best to get back to me quickly once the power could again be turned on. I've always been pleased with Walton EMC, and by seeing the type of employee they hire, my respect grew even more."

-Deborah C Richardson, Lilburn

"Your monthly newsletter is always full of good, helpful information and you always treat your members very well. You strive to keep the costs down while providing excellent service and it doesn't go unnoticed. Earlier this month we had a storm and our transformer went out. I called your office and left a recorded message regarding the problem. Less than two hours later, we were completely back in service. Your crew arrived promptly and did an excellent job, in spite of the storm that was still raging. They were courteous and professional, as all of your staff has been whenever we've had any contact with them. It is really a pleasure to be a member of Walton EMC. Thanks!"

-Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Roberts, Loganville

"In this wonderful country of ours, so many and so much is taken for granted. During these cold mornings and hot humid days it is so wonderful to press a button or turn on a switch and have air conditioning, heat and lights. There is so much to be thankful for. My family appreciates so much what Walton EMC does to keep this going all year long, every day, 24/7, especially the men and women in the field."

-Reid Mullins, Dacula


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