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Thank a Lineman This Month

Imagine tens of thousands of volts of electricity zipping through your fingertips. For electrical linemen, that's an everyday occurrence.

1960s era linemen working on utility grid
Back then: Line work was never done while power lines were energized, thus the absence of insulated safety equipment that today’s linemen depend on to safeguard their lives.

Georgia’s electric utilities, including Walton EMC, are taking the month of April to honor the brave workers who keep your electricity flowing all year round.

“Linemen have a dangerous job,” says Walton EMC CEO Ronnie Lee. “They face hazards every day. They also face treacherous weather as they work through ice storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and floods to restore our power.”

“Their training and experience lets them work among these hazards safely,” continues Lee. “But they have to be diligent and constantly aware of their work environment.”

In times past, linemen shut down parts of the grid to do their work. That’s not possible in today’s fast-paced culture.

Take a moment this month to thank a lineman by visiting our Facebook page and posting your comments.

By the Numbers

number of linemen at Walton EMC

miles of line maintained by WEMC linemen

poles on WEMC grid

transformers on WEMC grid