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Meeting Your Energy Needs

A message from CEO Ronnie Lee

Portrait of CEO Ronnie LeeWe know you want two main things from your electric cooperative.

First, you want the power to come on when you flip the switch. Second, you want a reasonable electric bill.

Over the next nine years, 1.8 million more people will move into our state. By 2025, Georgia’s population is expected to grow to almost 12 million. Most of that growth will take place in suburban and rural areas, just like Walton EMC’s service territory.

Like those of us who have called this home for a while, our new neighbors will also want dependable electric service. At the same time we’re demanding more energy, we’re also calling for less environmental impact in producing that energy.

Keeping the dependable electric service we all desire requires a balanced approach. We’ve all heard claims that one type of energy source or another is the solution to our energy quandary.

The truth is, there is no magic solution. It will require all our energy resources to meet your needs, including natural gas, renewables, coal, nuclear and hydro.

As a customer-owned cooperative, you know that Walton EMC has always been upfront with you. As new energy sources are built and come online, there will be higher costs associated with them. This will impact your electric bill, maybe as early as 2019.

We’re actually taking measures right now, three years in advance, to offset some of the expected increases associated with any new energy sources that come online.

You also know that we have always done – and will continue to do – everything we can to deliver your electricity at the lowest possible cost. That hasn’t changed and never will. Even with any increases, you should continue to have some of the most reasonable electric rates in both Georgia and the United States.

Watch our newsletter and website over the coming months and years for more updates on power supply and cost forecasts. If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of your electric service, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Walton EMC.


Q & A

Q: Why don’t we just conserve energy so we won’t have to build new power plants?

A: Although conservation helps, it alone will not be enough to meet Georgia’s growing demand for electricity