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Wicked Weather Increases Aggravating Outages

Graph showing storm statsWalton EMC line technicians, dispatchers, customer care representatives and other employees who have a link in the chain of getting your electric service restored have been extra busy.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Shannon Still, WEMC control center operations director. “The trees, the lightning and wind are all causing outages.”

Countless trees toppled into lines over the last few months. “Ninety-nine percent of those have come from outside our right-of-way,” says Still. Your co-op is only allowed to trim an area 15 feet either side of the center of our power lines.

The abundance of lightning is also causing havoc. Many times, equipment struck by lightning is not repairable.

Not only have the storms caused trouble with overhead lines; the deluge of water has also caused several outages of underground wiring.

“With the soil being super-saturated, water is getting into underground cable in places that would normally not be affected,” said Still. Compounding the problem in those repairs is the difficulty of getting heavy equipment into wet areas.

Crews work around the clock to restore your electric service. If necessary, crews from any of our offices go to any part of our service area to get the lights back on.

A direct lightning strike completely fried this oil circuit recloser, rendering it unrepairable. This device's function is similar to that of a circuit breaker in your home.