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Where are You? August 2020

Take a look at these Walton EMC customer-owners who discontinued service.

We mailed refunds of their deposits and/or membership fees, but the Post Office returned them. If you know someone on this list, please have them contact us at 770-266-2507.

Alcocer, Nehemias
Artham Realty, LLC
Banks, Maurice
Beautiful Brows, LLC
Blake, Javier
Clyde, David A.
Conway, Benjamin
DR Homes
Dennis, Jessica
Dious, Brandon
Donnelly, Michael K.
Freeman, George
Gardner, Griffin
Gerdes, Ryan
Hackett, Sabriya A.
Hamilton & Assoc.
Ibrahim, Fariha H.
Jackson, Jazmond
JKH Properties, Inc.
L7 Entertainment Collective
McGee, Judah
McMorris, Holly
Morris Wiltshire, LLC
Mun, Sung B.
Porterfield, Charles
Price, Yolanda
RCM Fund 1 Owner, LLC
Riddick, Erica
Rodriguez, Andres R.
Ryan, Jack
Sachs, Linda
SKA Realty Service, LLC
Smith, Brooke
Smith, Rochelle
Southern Styles Salon, Inc.
Victoral, Garn
Vining, David
Webb Gin Property, LLC
West, Jr., James
Woodall, Anna
Yes Companies Exp, LLC
Young, Cedric