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Happy (and Safe) Holidays

Tips to protect you, your home and loved ones

turkey fryer being used outsideCooking

  • Use turkey fryers outdoors. Don’t overfill fryer pots with cooking oil – the oil will splash out onto the burner and blaze.
  • Keep kids out of the kitchen away from hot appliances and dangerous utensils.
  • Make sure flammable items, like potholders and dish towels, stay away from stove burners.
  • Don’t leave stoves and ovens unattended.
  • Use good food safety practices to prevent foodborne sickness.


  • Don't overload electrical circuits. Modern LED decorations use much less power and allow the connection of many more strings to the same outlet.
  • Try not to use extension cords. If you do, don’t run them under rugs or across walkways.
  • If you use a live tree, check the water level every day.
  • Keep dangerous or fragile ornaments and decorations out of the reach of kids.


  • Have a neighbor accept package deliveries if you’re not home. Have them sent to your workplace if that’s allowed.
  • Be wary of unknown or unexpected people coming to your door. They could be checking to see if anyone’s home for burglary purposes.
  • Think before you post travel plans, Christmas vacation photos or expensive gifts on social media.
  • Don’t leave empty boxes from expensive electronics on the curb.
  • Contact EMC Security for a free home evaluation. Have them install an alarm system and security cameras.

gifts in trunkShopping

  • Don’t leave gifts in plain sight. Lock them in your car’s trunk.
  • Park in well-lit areas.
  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash, just the credit cards you’ll use.
  • Shop with groups of friends, not alone.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t be distracted or enthralled by your cell phone.