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Residential Service Charge Changing Feb. 1

One of the charges included in your monthly bill is a base service charge. The base service charge partially covers the fixed costs of delivering your electric service. The service charge does not include the cost of electricity.

Among these fixed costs are:

  • building and maintaining power lines
  • responding to outages
  • reading your meter
  • generating, delivering and processing your bil
  • buying and maintaining the equipment used in keeping your power flowing
  • performing other tasks necessary to ensure reliable electric service

We’re adjusting the service charge so it more accurately reflects the actual fixed costs it’s designed to cover. Currently, some of the fixed costs of servicing your account are recovered through the energy charge or, in other words, what you pay for electricity. We are moving to more accurately allocate these costs, both fixed and energy, to their true sources.

Overall, this change will affect your bill very little. Your cooperative has some of the most favorable rates in the state and country. Because we’re a cooperative, we’ll never charge you more than it costs to deliver your electric service.

If you’re over 65 and have a household income of less than $15,000, please call us at 770-267-2505 to apply for our Senior Citizen-Low Income Assistance discount.

Type of Service Old Charge New Charge
Residential $21.00


Residential TOU $21.00 $23.00
Residential PrePay $21.00 $23.00

Watch a video that explains more about service charges here.