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Meter Access Still Critical

Diagram with meter clearancesAlthough meter readers don’t visit your home or business every month as they did in the past, giving Walton EMC a clear path to your meter is still important.

With the advent of automated meter reading, we now read your meter remotely through our power lines. But there are still instances when we need to access your meter.

Our employees still inspect the electrical service and its associated parts – including the meter – on a routine basis. It’s also important that access to your meter is unhampered in case of storm damage or an emergency, like a house fire.

Please keep trees, vines and shrubs, trimmed away from your meter. Don’t place building materials, yard tools or other debris in front of, or around that same area.

You should also avoid blocking access to the meter with fences or locked gates. Contact us before any construction activities that might obscure your meter.

Have a clear space that extends at least 18 inches either side, three feet in front of and seven feet from the ground around the meter base.