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Protect Your Home With Security Cameras

A U.S. home is burglarized every 25.7 seconds, according to the latest FBI statistics.

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“During surveys of convicted burglars, 60 percent said they would not break into a house where they see video cameras,” said Jennifer Kimble, marketing and communications manager for EMC Security.

Video surveillance cameras allow a homeowner to view their property any time from anywhere. It’s also possible to receive alerts, view activity in real time or review recorded clips from a mobile device, television or computer.

Kimble offers these tips for purchasing outdoor video cameras and do-it-yourself installations.

1. Assess your needs.
Determine your goals for having cameras and survey the area you wish to secure. This information will help you select the number of cameras and the features required for the level of security you expect. If you need help, EMC Security offers free security consultations. “As security professionals, we see things that the homeowner may not have considered,” Kimble explained.

2. Prioritize the front door.
If you can invest in only one camera, make it a video doorbell, suggested Kimble. “Because most burglars try the front door first, installing a video doorbell or security camera here is a great way to deter them before they try to get in,” she said.

3. Place strategically.
“Eighty-one percent of break-ins occur on the first floor of a home,” Kimble said, so prioritize positioning outdoor cameras to focus on vulnerable spots, including all exterior doors, first-floor windows, garage and driveway. Mount cameras at least 10 feet above ground level.

Don’t become a burglary statistic. Install video cameras to help protect your home. For more information on video surveillance cameras, visit emcseurity.com.