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Where Are You? June 2018

Take a look at these Walton EMC customer-owners who discontinued service.

We mailed refunds of deposits and/or membership fees, but the Post Office returned them. If you know someone on this list, please have them contact us at 770-266-2519.

Albarran, Dominga; Alimanovic, Mevludin J.; Arellano, Brenda N.; Bajaj, Mohinder; Barchue, Joann E.; Bevis, Leslie M.; Boynes, Shanice; Brooks, Verna D.; Brown, Patricia M.; Buchanan, Thyra; Bush, Lisa F.; Cano, Luis; Echeverria, Osvaldo A.; Glasgow, Linda M.; Gonzalez, Christie W.; Griffin, Dory C.; Hoskins, Caira; Hutto, Christopher; Kaas Enterprises, LLC; Kim, Kyou; Lang Enterprises; Law, Kathy; Massey, Jessica L.; McGuffey, Kimberly; Mejia, Jose; Money, Robin; PC Construction Co.; Pearson, Keyonde; Peoples, Kevin; Perez, Udi; Phagan, James S.; Polite, Nathaniel; Porter, Deborah; Pursley, Barry A.; Reese, Alma J.; Reid, Christopher; Reynolds, Dell; Rivers, Daniel; Sans Pareil, Inc.; Select Portfolio Services; Seneca, Guerrero; Slaughter, Karen D.; Smith, Britney; Smith, Lisa M.; Smith, John C.; Thomas, Vilma A.; TSV Tours; Washington, Shai; Whiting, Staci A.; Williams, Janet; Williams, Richard; Williams, Samuel; Yes Companies Exp., LLC