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Where are You? June 2020

Take a look at these Walton EMC customer-owners who discontinued service.

We mailed refunds of deposits and/or membership fees, but the Post Office returned them. If you know someone on this list, please have them contact us at 770-266-2507.

Andersen, Matthew
Bell, Eric M.
Brown, Mardell P.
Burge, Chris M.
Carey, Kendra
Chambers, Michael
Cheeks, Geraldine
Crespo, Silva W.
Daniel, Elaine
Diamond Event Hall
Digby, Bruce W.
Doster, Charles B.
Eagle Music Center, LLC
Emam, Tamara L.
Evans, Audrey R.
Farmer, Melissa
Felio, Tenisha T.
Filed Asset Services, LLC
Fulcher, Willie M.
Goode, James W.
Grayson Automotive
Gunnells, Curtis B.
Harbison, Samuel B.
Hernandez, Jose M.
Higgs, Greg C.
Horner, Gordon
Hundley, Ramona
Javens, Sarah
Klumpp, Frederick
Kouamou, Jean
Lake, Mac
Lawrence, Raymond E.
Lewis, Sarah E.
Life Healing Center, PC
Mancilla, Oscar
Mesic, Vitomir
Nguyen, Duy
Osuigwe, Juliet
Powley, Kelly A.
Rehabmart, LLC
Rezasoltani, Sakineh
RGIS Inventory Specialists
Riggs, William M.
Rodriguez, Gerardo
Rowthorn, Janet A.
Selby, Nichols
Stevens, Alicia
Sullivan, Danyelle L.
Taylor, Shonnet
Thomas, Latasha
Tori Williams Events
Williams, Dosshanda
Zoller, Jamie