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Medical Patients: Do You Have a Plan for Power Outages?

If you depend on electricity to operate medical equipment, it’s essential that you have a backup plan in the event of a prolonged power outage.

Although we are sensitive to these needs, it could still take us several days to restore your service after a catastrophic event like an ice storm.

Your plan should answer questions like:How to prepare for power outages

  • Could I be harmed if my device stops for a period of time? If yes, what is that period?
  • Will my device still work if it doesn’t have power for an extended period of time? If yes, how long can it work without power?
  • Does my device have a backup system? If yes, how long will it operate and where is it located?
  • Do I need extra medical supplies that will last for a minimum of three days? If yes, where are they located?
  • Do I need to relocate in the case of a prolonged power outage? If yes, what is that location?

Need help developing your plan? Download a free planning booklet developed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration here.