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Stay Independent with EMC Medical Alert

Lady wearing medical pendant around neck.Most of us want to take care of ourselves. We don’t want to be a burden to our family or friends.

But sometimes, living alone may mean there’s no one around to help in an emergency. That’s where EMC Medical Alert comes in.

EMC Medical Alert is a very simple and effective alarm system designed for people who may find themselves in a situation where they need help but can’t reach the phone.

About the size of a business card, the EMC Medical Alert pendant is worn around your neck or on your belt. It lets you call for help at the press of a button. An operator talks to you through the pendant and stays on the line until help arrives. They’ll also notify a family member or friend.

Choose from a home or home and yard system with CSAA 5 Diamond Certified Monitoring beginning at just $16.95 a month.

Want more information?
770-963-0305 or visit EMCMedicalAlert.com.

11:35 a.m., Monroe
Evelyn activated her EMC Medical Alert telling the emergency response operator she had fallen and was unable to get up. The operator dispatched EMS to the home and contacted her daughter.

4:24 p.m., Loganville
After pressing the button on his medical alert pendant, Gene told the emergency response operator that he had fallen and hit his head on the wall after he turned around too fast. The operator contacted EMS and stayed on the line with Gene until the ambulance arrived.

7:50 p.m., Watkinsville
June pressed the button on her medical alert system telling the emergency response operator she had fallen between the couch and a chair. She wasn’t sure if she was hurt, but had hit her arm, chest and leg while falling. June was constrained in a way that made breathing difficult. The emergency response operator contacted her son, Scott, and dispatched EMS.