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Attitude of Safety Pays Off

Safety coordinator giving demonstrationWorking with electricity has its built-in dangers.

But electric utilities, like Walton EMC, have developed strict procedures and accountability measures to mitigate those hazards.

That’s why Walton EMC recently earned accreditation from the Electric Cooperative Safety Program of Georgia. The program examined the co-op’s safety record and programs over the last three years.

The process has two parts: an examination of Walton EMC’s safety program record keeping and a multi-day onsite inspection by the accreditation committee.

“Our main goal is that every employee returns home safely to their family every day,” said Loss Control Director Brad Adcock. “Other benefits of a safe workplace include savings of time and money, which benefits our employees and customer-owners alike.”

A direct reflection of these efforts is that the cooperative just achieved the milestone of two years without a lost time accident. A lost time accident occurs when an employee is not able to return to work on the day following the incident.

“When you consider the type of work performed and number of miles driven by Walton EMC employees, that’s something to be quite proud of,” said CEO Ronnie Lee. “It’s an achievement in normal conditions. Add the amount of storm restoration we’ve done in the last two years and it takes on even greater significance.”