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Plan for Livestock Emergency Water Needs

horse drinking from trough in the snowDo you depend on well water for horses, cattle or other livestock? Remember to have a backup water source in case of an extended power outage.

Options to consider:

  • Extra Troughs – Secure and fill them before the bad weather arrives.
  • Backup Generator – Probably the best solution (especially if you depend on automatic waterers), because it can run your well during outages. Ensure the generator is sufficiently sized for the pump motor and properly installed to prevent sending electricity back to the grid. Plan to have enough fuel to run the generator. Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning – don’t operate in closed spaces or near living areas.
  • Portable Water Tank – Fill on premises pre-storm or use to haul water for livestock from a location unaffected by the outage or on a municipal water source.
  • Natural Water Source – If possible, let livestock drink from a creek or pond. With a gasoline engine pump, you could also fill troughs or portable tanks from this source.
  • Bulk Water Delivery – Make arrangements pre-storm to have water delivered in a tanker truck. Swimming pool contractors may be a good source.