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Communicators Awarded for Excellence

The goal, and reason Walton EMC communicators Greg Brooks and Savannah Chandler come to work every day, is to keep you informed and educated.

That goes right along with one of the Cooperative Principles Walton EMC ascribes to: a pledge to provide information and education to customer-owners.

The pair was recently awarded for their excellence at the Cooperative Communicators Association’s annual communications contest. The competition included cooperative businesses of all types and sizes from across the nation.

Camp Walt, a promotional video for Walton Gas, placed third in the Promotional Video, Less than 3 Minutes category.

Two news releases, one covering the animal grazing program at a solar facility and the other covering the annual capital credit refund, received second and third respectively in the News Release category.

More than 484 entries were submitted to the contest for 2020. Due to COVID, the ceremony and associated institute were held virtually.