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Plan for Loved Ones Now

With now being the middle of tropical storm season and ice storm season lurking just around the corner, you should have a plan in place if you care for a loved one who is medically dependent on electricity.

This planning is even more important while COVID-19 is still causing issues for some. If you don’t have a plan, it’s not too late if you start now.

A severe tropical or ice storm could leave you without power for several days. Rest assured, we plan and prepare for significant outage-causing events, but catastrophic damage takes time to repair.

A typical patient plan may include:

  • Having extra medical supplies.
  • Securing extra prescription drugs.
  • Providing an alternate heating source.
  • Properly installing and maintaining a backup generator.
  • Arrangements for transportation and an alternate place to stay, both nearby and a little farther away.

Download a free planning guide for the medically fragile here.