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Why Does It Matter?

Your electric company, Walton EMC, operates as a cooperative business. Why does that matter to you?

1. We work for the people we serve.
Cooperatives are owned by the same people who purchase their goods or services. You have the opportunity to elect fellow customer-owners to our board of directors. That board sets policies and makes decisions concerning Walton EMC’s operations.

2. We operate at cost.
Being owned by the same people we serve with electricity means it doesn’t make sense to show a profit. The excess revenue we collect (co-ops call this margins) is returned to those it belongs to. Since our creation, we’ve returned $108 million to our customer-owners.

3. We serve everyone.
Walton EMC is a voluntary organization, open to all who are able to use our services and willing to accept the responsibilities of being a member.

4. We care about our community.
After providing reliable service, our second biggest concern is the welfare of the communities we operate in. We support and encourage our employees who work in a host of organizations that serve local needs. We also put our money where our mouth is – last year alone, we contributed more than $24 million in donations and taxes to strengthen our communities.

5. We strive to keep you informed.
Through our many communication vehicles – like this newsletter, our website, social media and working with local newspapers and radio – we work to keep you informed and educated about your co-op.

6. We cooperate.
Whether it’s helping another EMC restore power after a storm, establishing a business with other co-ops to meet customer-owners' needs, like EMC Security, or sharing our knowledge and experience, we work together with other cooperatives when we can.