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Solar Electricity 101: Cooperative Solar

Cooperative solar is a cooperative effort to produce solar power.

Customer-owners join together to support a large-scale solar project. They reap the benefits without many of the hassles of owning and maintaining their own solar system.

  • Reduced installation cost. Economies of scale in a cooperative project bring the price of solar panels down.
  • No maintenance cost or worries. Walton EMC provides all upkeep.
  • No roof intrusion. There are no holes needed to accommodate solar panel mounting hardware.
  • Home orientation, shading and aesthetic concerns vanish. The home doesn’t have to face a certain direction, nor do trees have to be cut to participate.
  • Increased access and participation. Most landlords and many homeowner associations prohibit the installation of solar panels.
  1. Walton EMC builds and maintains the solar farm.
  2. Customer-owners purchase blocks in the facility according to their needs.
  3. The cooperative meters and delivers solar electricity to the power grid.
  4. Participants receive a credit on their electric bill according to the level of participation in the project and the output of the solar panels.
  5. Participants enjoy a greener home and lifestyle.