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Solar Production to Almost Double

The popularity of our Cooperative Solar program means we’re expanding again!

With two solar facilities already online, there’s still a waiting list of customer-owners who want to participate in the program.

Construction is about to begin on Walton EMC’s third solar project. Located at the intersection of Gratis Road and Mountain Creek Church Road, three miles north of Monroe, the three-megawatt output of this project will almost double Walton EMC’s total solar electricity production from 3.5 to 6.5 megawatts. Panels at the third facility will stretch across 20 acres.

“Walton EMC’s Cooperative Solar program allows customer-owners to participate in solar electricity production without the expense and maintenance of owning their own solar systems,” said CEO Ronnie Lee. “It’s also a way for renters and those who live in developments with covenants prohibiting solar arrays to support sun power.”

If you want to get in on solar power, act fast! The waiting list already includes customer-owners who didn’t get in the second project – blocks are expected to be snapped up quickly. Call 770-267-2505 today.

Proposed layout of WEMC's third solar facility.
Walton EMC's third solar project will cover 20 acres and almost double the co-op's solar power production.

Pricing and Energy Production
Blocks of solar capacity are $25 each per month. Each block is expected to produce between 180 and 260 kilowatt-hours of solar energy monthly. Energy output will vary due to the sun’s angle, the time of year, the number of cloudy days in the month and other factors.

You may sign up for one or two blocks of solar capacity. Requests for more than two blocks will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Only residences served by our electric grid can participate.

Sign-ups are open now on a first-come, first-served basis. Call us at 770-267-2505 to apply. We are not able to take online requests. If capacity is sold out, a waiting list is available.

You will be billed $25 for each block of solar capacity. The kilowatt-hours produced by your block in each calendar month will offset the same number of kilowatt-hours on your bill. If your block produces more kilowatt-hours than you use during your billing period, you will receive a credit for the excess. You will be informed of any price change at least 30 days in advance.

Length of Commitment
You can discontinue your solar energy commitment at any time by notifying us. If you leave the program, Walton EMC cannot guarantee there will be availability if you decide to rejoin.