Beware of Bad Wire

Walton EMC uses many types of wire. But there’s one type of wire we don’t recommend -- a money wire.

That’s because scammers frequently try to use money wires, prepaid cards and gift cards to con unsuspecting consumers out of their hard-earned money.

Beware of utility scamsClose to Home

A criminal claiming to be “Bobby Johnson” of Walton EMC calls the owner of a gas station on Scenic Highway in Snellville. He demands a payment of $1,002.38 in 45 minutes in order to avoid disconnection of the account.

The owner tells “Johnson” he will go to our office to pay. “Johnson” then tells the station owner he can only pay by directly wiring the money. The owner goes to a local drug store and wires the money to “Johnson.”

But “Johnson” calls back. He demands the same payment again. The owner sends his wife to do another wire, but then becomes suspicious and cancels the transaction. Unfortunately, $1,002.38 is already vanished.

How to Pay

ONLY pay your electric bill by:

  • Going online to
  • Calling us at 770-267-2505
  • Visiting our offices

Walton EMC will never:

  • Ask you to pay by wiring money
  • Ask you to pay with a prepaid card (GreenDot, etc.)
  • Ask you to pay with a gift card
  • Call and threaten you with immediate disconnect

“We do make courtesy calls to remind customer-owners of past due amounts,” says Sherry Horvieth, consumer services director. “But you’ll only hear a recording, not a live person. You can’t pay your bill during these calls.”

Unfortunately you can’t trust caller ID. Criminals can use computers to change their phone number. If you’re suspicious, hang up and call us at 770-267-2505.

If you fall victim to a utility scam, report it to local law enforcement.