It’s Sun-sational!

Walton EMC customer-owners praise cooperative solar

home with cooperative solar sign in front“It’s the right thing to do.”

Ask Oconee County couple Christine (Chris) Franklin and Dale Green why they participate in Walton EMC’s Cooperative Solar program and the answer comes without hesitation.

“Why wouldn’t we support a program that helps us produce energy while also doing the right thing for our environment and our planet?” reasons Chris, a retired University of Georgia statistics professor.

When the co-op announced plans to install its first solar collection site in June 2015, they were among the first to sign up. Besides the environmental benefits, they were attracted to the co-op program’s ease and low cost of participation, said Dale, a physician at the University of Georgia.

“There’s a significant upfront cost to installing your own [solar] system, and you have to deal with putting it on your roof,” he said. “Why do all that when it’s so easy to call the co-op and sign up for its solar program?”

Walton EMC is responsible for maintaining its three solar farms, as well as metering and delivering solar electricity to the power grid.

Affordability is another important benefit of Cooperative Solar participation. “People think subscribing to solar is expensive, but that’s not true. It’s generally a wash as far as expense,” Dale said.

He and his wife purchased four blocks of solar power. Each block costs $25 per month.

The kilowatt-hours of electricity produced by their blocks generally offset the same number of kilowatt-hours on their bill. During the summer, when days are longer, their blocks produce more electricity than they use, so they receive a credit for the excess.

Walton EMC members can discontinue their solar commitment at any time, but Chris and Dale say they’re sticking with the program and encourage others to sign up.

“It’s definitely met our expectations,” said Chris. “It’s a way to feel that we’re making a small contribution.”

Making a positive impact on the planet’s future has become even more important to the two now that they are grandparents. Grandson Henry was born in late 2020. They hope he’ll grow up watching them do the “right” things, said Chris.

“We want to set a good example for our children and grandchildren.”

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