Summer Arrives Before Summer

Who says the first day of summer is June 21?

Record-breaking heat made an early appearance in Walton EMC’s service area beginning in mid-May.

The temperatures were more like what you’d expect in July and August. That meant Walton EMC customer-owners turned up their air conditioners earlier than usual.

“These extreme temperatures will certainly have an effect on energy bills,” says Jeff Paul, Walton EMC member services director. “Just remember that it will take a while before that energy use shows up on your bill.”

Paul suggests these steps to keep a handle on summertime power bills:

  • Keep air conditioner filters clean.
  • Don’t block indoor vents.
  • Keep the space around the outdoor unit clear.
  • Close blinds or drapes to keep sun out.
  • Try to limit door openings.
  • Make sure insulation in the attic is adequate.
  • Sign up for levelized billing to reduce summertime bill peaks.

May Average High -- 80 degrees

May 2019 Temperature Records

Atlanta -- Warmest May on record
Athens -- Second warmest May on record

May 2019 Temperature Extremes

Atlanta -- 98 degrees, May 29
Athens -- 95 degrees, May 26