Our outdoor lighting makes the switch to light emitting diode technology

Large LED area light fixtureWhen you look out across the countryside at night, you may notice a change in the outdoor lights that dot the landscape across Walton EMC’s service area.

What you’ll see is that the bronze-colored lights we’ve grown accustomed to will be gradually giving way to the whiter light of new light emitting diode (LED) fixtures.

Walton EMC has made the switch to LED lights for outdoor lighting installations. There are many advantages to LEDs, with the major ones being:

  • Colors look much truer under an LED light.
  • Our LED outdoor lights focus their beam to the ground, putting more light where it’s needed.
  • LEDs can last more than 100,000 hours (30 years or longer). Also, some of our lights repair themselves if they malfunction. All this means less maintenance.
  • LEDs are energy efficient.

Old outdoor lights work by creating an electric arc through vaporized metals, wasting some of the energy as heat. Those lights also require a warmup time of up to 10 minutes.

LEDs are a completely new technology without these disadvantages. They use a semiconductor to extract photons that give off light. LEDs come on instantly when you flip the switch.

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