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Celebrating the people behind the power

On April 18, Walton EMC celebrates National Lineworker Appreciation Day, an opportunity to acknowledge the challenging work these co-op employees do to maintain and grow energy infrastructure, protect public safety and ensure our communities have power.

Walton EMC employs 81 lineworkers responsible for constructing, operating and maintaining equipment and 7,325 miles of power lines – enough to stretch from Monroe to Antarctica. Their diligence contributes significantly to the co-op’s exceptional 99.9% electric service reliability.

For lineworkers, weathering the storm is just another day on the job.

Through storms, lightning, wind, ice, and extreme heat and cold, Walton EMC’s line team can be counted on to perform hands-on work in high-stress situations, said Wesley Payton, Line Superintendent.

 “Our line teams are the calm before, during and after a storm,” he said. “They maintain our systems and serve our communities in their greatest time of need — going head-to-head with storms and emergencies to deliver safe and reliable service.”

The co-op’s line teams are a familiar sight throughout the co-op’s 10-county service area as they maintain lines and eliminate threats to the electrical grid’s reliability and safety. They’re also on the front line for projects that are modernizing and strengthening the grid.

Watch the “Life of a Walton EMC Lineman” video below.