Line Technicians: Dressed for Success

Journeyman Line Technician Preston Roberts knows the importance of dressing correctly for the job.

It takes a lot of equipment to work on power lines while they’re still hot with electricity. Gone are the days where Walton EMC disrupts the power supply to make repairs or improvements. Now, most work is done so that the consumer never notices the slightest blink.

Besides the personal protection equipment you see on Preston below, crews also rely on insulated bucket trucks and other devices to help them accomplish their tasks. It takes years of specialized training to do a journeyman line technician’s job competently and safely.


  1. Hard Hat ($25) – protects head from bumps and drops and serves as insulator from electrical contact.
  2. Eye Protection ($5) – shields eyes from objects and debris.
  3. Rubber Sleeves ($1,028) – insulates lineman from electrical contact on shoulders and arms.
  4. Rubber Gloves ($150) – insulates lineman from electrical contact on hands.
  5. Leather Glove Protector ($45) – protects rubber gloves from punctures as well as lineman’s hands from injuries.
  6. Lineman Boots ($300) – Protects feet, ankles and lower legs and provides support for climbing.

  8. Rubber Overshoes ($135) – insulates lineman from electrical shock by blocking the electrical path to ground.
  9. Steel Climbers ($250) – sharp spikes allow lineman to climb wooden poles.
  10. Fall Arrest Device ($677)  – protects lineman from falls on the pole by automatically tightening in case of a slip.
  11. Climbing Belt ($500) – supports lineman’s weight while on pole and provides an attachment point for climbing lanyard.
  12. Shotgun Stick ($270) – insulated stick with maneuverable hook that allows lineman to manipulate line hardware.

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