Standard Commercial Electric Rate

General Service Schedule GS-12


Throughout the cooperative’s service area from existing lines of adequate capacity, subject to the cooperative’s established Service Rules and Regulations.


To all electric service of one standard secondary voltage required on consumer’s premises, delivered at one point and metered at or compensated to that voltage.  No service rendered hereunder may be resold, nor transmitted to other premises, either directly or indirectly, without the express consent of the cooperative, and then only upon the condition that the energy resold is not sub-metered.

Type of Service

Single or three-phase, 60 hertz, at a standard secondary voltage.

Monthly Rate – Energy Charge Including Demand Charge

Service Charge @ $36.00 per month
Service Charge @ $36.00 per month

First 200 kWh per kW of Billing Demand:

Demand: Rate
First 10,000 kWh @ $0.106 per kWh
Over 10,000 kWh @ $0.086 per kWh
Next 200 kWh per kW of Billing @ $0.040 per kWh

Demand Rate
Over 400 kWh per kW of Billing @ $0.034 per kWh

Demand Rate
Excess Reactive Demand @ $0.250 per kVAR

Minimum Monthly Bill

The minimum monthly charge under the rate shall be one of the following options, whichever is greater.

A. $36.00 per meter plus $5.25 per kW of billing demand in excess of 5 kW, plus excess kVAR charges and “power cost adjustment” as applied to the current month kWh.  Except that, this provision will not be applicable to churches, lighted ball fields, community houses, and other consumers served under this rate whose electric loads have been determined by the cooperative to be normally “off-peak.”  For other consumers served under this rate, who will consent for the cooperative to install “positive control” load management devices to control all or part of the consumer’s electric load and the cooperative determines that it would be economical and feasible to control all or part of the load, then the demand shall be reduced by the amount of load controlled, for the purposes of calculating a billing demand under this provision.

B. $36.00 where 15 kVA or less transformer capacity is required.  For services that require more than 15 kVA transformer capacity, the minimum charge shall be increased $2.00 per kVA, or fraction thereof, of additional capacity required to be supplied by the cooperative.

C. The amount specified under the line extension and rephasing policy contained in the Service Rules and Regulations of the cooperative.

D. The charge as may be specified in the supplemental contract.

Athletic Field Lighting:  $36.00 per meter for lighted athletic fields, provided service is limited to the field lighting equipment itself and such incidental load as may be required to operate coincidentally with field lighting equipment.

Load Management Adjustment

The annual credit will be determined under the provisions of the cooperative’s Load Management Adjustment Rider, Schedule “LM-7”.

Power Cost Adjustment

The amount calculated at the above rate is subject to increase or decrease under the provisions of the cooperative’s Power Cost Adjustment Rider, Schedule “R-11”.

Determination of Demand

The demand shall be based on the highest 15 minute kW measurements during the current month and the preceding eleven (11) months.  For the billing months of June through October, the kW demand shall be the greater of (1) current month’s actual demand or (2) eighty-five percent (85%) of the highest demand occurring in any previous applicable summer month.  For the billing months of  November through May, the kW demand shall be the greater of, (1) eighty-five percent (85%) of the highest summer month (June through October) or, (2) sixty percent (60%) of the current month.  In no case shall the demand be less than the contract minimum nor less than 5 kW.  Where demand is expected to exceed 50 kW, the cooperative may install metering equipment to measure reactive demand.  The reactive demand is the highest 15 minute kVAR measured during the month.  The cooperative shall bill to the customer the excess kVAR, that portion of kVAR which is in excess of one-half the measured kW in the current month, at $0.25 per kVAR.

Excess Facilities Charge

In the event excess facilities such as additional transformers, dual feed, outdoor lighting, etc., are requested by the member, the cooperative may require that that member pay a non-refundable contribution in aid of construction for all or part of the excess facilities; or, the cooperative may apply an Excess Facilities Charge, in addition to the charges computed in accordance with the above rate, to be calculated on a case by case basis.

Unmetered Non-seasonal Service

Where the installation of metering equipment is impractical or uneconomical, monthly kWh may be estimated and billed at the above monthly rate provided that such unmetered service is limited to those installations using less than 1,000 kWh monthly and with anticipated maximum 15 minute kW of less than 5 kW.  Unmetered, non-ballast operated billboard or other consumer owned lighting systems will be billed under this rate provision.

Seasonal Service

A permanent consumer with a recurring seasonal pattern of service requirements may elect billing at a surcharge of twenty-five percent (25%) of the above monthly rate with the demand as the measured 15 minute kW during the month provided that no kWh may be billed at less than 9.0¢ per kWh to a consumer making such election and that such election shall continue in effect for the remainder of the term of the contract.

Term of Contract

Not less than one year up to 500 kW of maximum anticipated 15 minute kW, nor less than five years over 500 kW maximum anticipated 15 minute kW.

Terms of Payment

The above rates are net.  The bill is due and payable when rendered.

Economic Development Rider Availability

This rider may be applied to new customer choice loads receiving services after January 1, 1997 at the discretion of the cooperative.  To be eligible, a customer must have multiple locations and/or create 20 new jobs.


The terms, and service delivery specifics of any contract under this rider shall be negotiated between the participating parties and shall be deemed confidential competitive information.  The terms of a contract under this rider may replace any or all sections A through D in the Schedule of Charges above.

EFFECTIVE: February 1, 2018

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