Construction Costs

Walton EMC will design and install its electrical distribution system in compliance with good engineering practices that are economically feasible to the co-op.

If the co-op’s preferred method of service is not acceptable, the customer-owner is required to pay a non-refundable contribution for the extra cost of providing service by the method he or she prefers over and above Walton EMC’s preferred method.

Generally, overhead electric service will be extended to permanent structures requiring continuous service without any contribution in aid of construction. There is typically a construction charge for temporary and seasonal facilities.

If your home is all-electric (electric space and water heating), Walton EMC will refund up to $500 of the base underground charge after verification. (See more on the Residential Rebates page.)

Underground costs for commercial, industrial and public facilities are the amount by which the cost to provide underground service exceeds two times the estimated annual revenue.

Costs for long underground service runs that may require primary voltage wiring or other additional materials and labor are calculated on a case-by-case basis. Some of the factors considered include the length of the service as well as the anticipated electrical load.

Please note that there are other charges for all accounts, including account establishment, membership and possibly a security deposit.

Our engineering technicians, after a site survey, will be able to determine exact costs. For specific information, please see our service rules.


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