Auditorium Use

Walton EMC’s Monroe and Snellville offices have auditoriums that are available to civic and community groups for their meetings at no charge.

  • Auditoriums in Monroe and Snellville are available for outside group use Monday morning through Friday afternoon. Auditoriums are closed Friday night through Sunday night.
  • Walton EMC activities have first priority for meeting space. It is possible that you will be asked to move your event or change the date of your event if the need arises.
  • Auditoriums are available to outside groups on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Auditoriums are only available for community and civic organizations. Personal or commercial use is prohibited. Prohibited personal use includes reunions, parties, receptions, showers or similar events. Prohibited commercial use includes sales or selling any item.
  • Walton EMC has the final determination on groups and activities appropriate to the auditoriums.
  • Groups using the auditoriums during regular business hours are prohibited from parking in customer or drive-through spaces. Parking in these spaces may exclude your group from future auditorium use.
  • For events after regular business hours, a group representative is responsible for picking up a key prior to the event. After the event, the representative should lock all doors and deposit the key in the night depository.
  • Auditoriums should be left clean and orderly. All trash must be taken from the premises. Your group agrees to be responsible for damage and to pay for any necessary clean up or repairs


To inquire about the availability of an auditorium:
Send email or call 770-266-2332.

Reservation Form (PDF)

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