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If you are currently experiencing a power outage, please inform Walton EMC by clicking the link below.

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Walton EMC’s Facebook page provides the most up-to-date storm news, tips and photos.

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Storm Preparation Guide:

Outage Tips

Walton EMC is always taking steps to prevent power outages. 

Power outages can still occur from car accidents, falling trees or powerful storms. Watch the above video for tips to prepare for power outages.

Medically Fragile Patients

If you care for someone who is medically dependent on electricity, a contingency plan for prolonged power outages is a must.

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Restoring Your Power

Follow along as we show the time-tested process Walton EMC uses to restore power after a major outage. We also answer your most-asked questions about the restoration process.

See How We Restore Power

Portable Generator Guide

Thinking of buying your own power plant? Check these tips for safe and efficient use.

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How Walton EMC Prepares

The work needed to quickly restore service after a large power outage begins long before it ever occurs.

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Storm Safety

To protect against the hazards of the aftermath of severe storms, follow this safety advice

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Food Safety After an Outage

When it comes to refrigerated food and power outages, get more information on when you can save and when you need to throw it out.

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