E-check works just like a regular check that you fill out on your computer screen.

When you pay by e-check, the money comes from your checking or savings account rather than being billed to your credit card.

As with credit card payments made through Walton EMC’s E-Bill, our secure socket layer technology assures your e-check transaction is completely secure.

Tips to Ensure an Easy Transaction

  • Be sure to fill in the fields (blanks) that are marked by asterisks.
  • You’ll need your bank routing and account numbers. They’re found on the bottom of your check.
  • The e-check is automatically filled out for the amount currently due on the accounts you select to pay. If you change the payment, be sure to use a decimal point in the dollar amount.
  • Do not click the Submit button on your computer screen more than once. Please be patient; it may take a few minutes to complete your payment.

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