Locating Underground Cables

There’s no need to remember a long phone number to get underground utilities marked before digging.

The FCC has mandated that 811 be used nationwide as the “Call Before You Dig” number to help eliminate confusion. The simpler number will save lives and reduce damage from digging-related accidents since it makes initiating the process of locating underground utilities easier.

A recent survey shows half of all Americans have done or are planning to do some type of digging around their home. At the same time, only one-third of homeowner do-it-yourselfers call to get utility lines marked before starting their project.

Such a risky move can result in disaster, including injury or death. Even if the digger comes out with no injuries, there’s still the chance of property damage, expensive repairs, legal trouble or civil penalties.

Diggers must have lines relocated every time they dig. Both commercial diggers and homeowners should call to have lines located at least a week before the digging is scheduled. One call to 811 notifies all affected utilities that you need lines spotted.

You should also call 811 if you plan to work close to overhead utilities. Walton EMC can take steps to keep you safe in case of inadvertent contact with an overhead power line at the work site.

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