Billing Options

Levelized Billing

Levelized Billing allows residential customers to pay nearly the same amount on their Walton EMC bill each month, removing the month-to-month fluctuations caused by changing weather, changing energy use and other factors.

How it Works

  • Available to residential customers with favorable credit only.
  • Monthly amount is based on your energy use for the last 12 months.
  • The amount paid each month will not be exactly the same each month, but won’t vary by more than a few dollars.
  • ​You still pay for all of the energy you use, but the payment totals are spread throughout the year.

If you are already a Walton EMC customer, email us or call 770.267.2505 to sign up!

Combined Billing

If you receive electric, security and/or natural gas service from Walton EMC, all services are combined in one convenient statement, meaning there’s only one bill to pay. (Services will be combined on your statement automatically – no sign-up is required.)

Contact Us

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