Surge Suppressors

Never Worry About Lightning Again

With Walton EMC’s Real Protection, your valuable electronics are protected against damage due to lightning or power surges.

Real Protection suppressors are designed to keep lightning from ever reaching your computer, TV or other electronic device. If power surges do get through, your electronics or appliance motors will be replaced or repaired free (Limits apply).

Large Appliance Motors

For just $6.50 a month, Walton EMC can protect your home’s major appliance motors (like the refrigerator or washer) against damage due to power surges or lightning strikes.

Our technician installs a Real Protection large appliance motor protector on your meter. We maintain the unit and replace it if it goes bad.

If lightning gets through the suppressor anyway, your appliance motor will be repaired or replaced.


It doesn’t make sense to leave electronics worth thousands of dollars exposed to lightning strikes and surges when it costs so little to protect them.

For as little as $22, you can make sure your new home theatre is safe and sound from catastrophic damage. We also have other surge suppressor models to fit almost any need, including laptops, small appliances and more.

Model 101 ($28) 126 ($26) 109 ($71) 140($38)
AC Outlets 2 3 6 12
USB Charging Ports No 2 No 2
Power Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phone Protection No No Yes Yes
TV Protection No No Yes Yes
Maximum Lifetime Insurance $10,000 $25,000 $250,000 $150,000

(Actual models may vary slightly from those shown.)


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Watch the Properly Installing Your Home Theater Surge Protector video here.


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