Caution: Repair Crews

“There are a lot of hidden dangers around power line construction zones,” says WEMC’s Brad Adcock, director of loss control. “Our linemen are trained to avoid these hazards and work safely. It’s important for everyone else to stay well back from our crews and equipment.”

Besides being injured, over-curious onlookers can divert a lineman’s attention from the task at hand. When manipulating wires carrying 14,400 volts, these skilled technicians need to focus all their thoughts on what they’re doing.

“If you have any questions about a Walton EMC work site, ask our linemen,” says Adcock. “They have the authority to maintain a safe environment and can tell you how far back to stay.”

Review these power line safety rules and teach your children how to stay safe around electricity outdoors:

  • Stay away from Walton EMC equipment, including poles, guy wires, substations, underground transformers and vehicles.
  • Stay away and keep others back from fallen power lines (including telephone and cable TV lines).
  • Call us immediately if you see downed lines.
  • Keep all objects away from power lines. Ladders, antennae and kites are fatal when they contact a hot power line.
  • Do not touch a person who is in contact with a live power line.
  • Plant trees away from overhead power lines and underground transformers.
  • Don’t build anything under overhead power lines.
  • When you see our crews and equipment along roadsides, slow down and proceed with care.
  • State law requires you to call 811 before you do any type of digging or work adjacent to underground or overhead power lines.

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