What Matters Most

As a cooperative, it is our responsibility to be a trusted energy partner for our customer-owners today — and tomorrow. Walton EMC invests time and resources in these key areas to move us forward, always building on a legacy of distributing reliable, affordable and responsible electricity.


We are committed to providing reliable energy to meet the expectations of our members who are increasingly dependent on electricity to power their lives and livelihoods.

We take special pride in consistently achieving a reliability of 99.99%. Such exceptional reliability is maintained through investment and innovation.

The co-op invests in system resiliency by funding strategic infrastructure upgrades and on-going maintenance meant to strengthen the grid against incidences of severe weather and other threats to the system.

As a progressive leader in electricity distribution, we employ innovative energy solutions such as monitoring technology that can quickly pinpoint problems along our lines and speed response. We also invest in extensive training to ensure field teams have the skills and readiness to safely restore power under a variety of harsh conditions.

Walton EMC collaborates with other electric cooperatives to ensure an adequate, affordable supply of always-available power resources to meet member demand. We also diversify our energy portfolio with forward-thinking renewable energy. Our co-op consistently leads all Southeast utilities in solar power development and distribution, which has boosted economic development in Georgia.


Walton EMC is owned and democratically controlled by those we serve. Every member of the cooperative is not simply a customer, but a customer-owner with a personal stake and decision-making power.

Electricity is delivered to members at the cost of service, which differs from investor-owned utilities that distribute profits to stockholders. Any revenue remaining after expenses is returned to members as capital credits.

Members have a direct voice in shaping the direction of the co-op. At the annual meeting held in June, they vote on important co-op business and elect fellow members to the Board of Directors.

As a not-for-profit cooperative, we put members’ best interest first. We tailor programs and services to meet the specific needs of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional members. Co-op employees listen to member feedback and respond with expert information and innovative solutions.


Employees and customer-owners alike benefit because safety is a top priority at Walton EMC.

A focused, effective safety program safeguards personal well-being for all. Cooperative efficiency and production also prosper in a safe environment.

Walton EMC prioritizes training and allocates resources for equipment and personal protective gear essential for keeping employees safe while they work to maintain the reliability of the co-op’s electricity distribution system. We’re also committed to electrical safety education that protects our customer-owners and the public.

Through leadership and engagement, Walton EMC employees play a role in strengthening our program of safety. From linemen to frontline workers, each is personally dedicated to workplace accident prevention. Employees’ insight and knowledge are essential for ensuring the co-op is prepared for emergency situations.


Our commitment to Walton EMC customer-owners begins with our commitment to the co-op’s employees — the individuals who each day demonstrate our values of service, integrity and excellence.

Fostering a diverse, equitable and harassment-free workplace where all employees feel welcomed and supported is key to ensuring members feel valued for who they are as people. Emphasis is placed on respect and dignity for all.

Along with competitive compensation and benefits, Walton EMC offers programs and opportunities that position employees to succeed for our members, as well as themselves. We encourage personal and professional growth through investments in training and continuing education, progressive work-life policies and opportunities to contribute their time and talents to community service.


Community sustainability is vital to Walton EMC’s mission. The co-op supports community resiliency and economic opportunity by remaining a reliable supplier of affordable electricity.

As a good cooperative citizen, Walton EMC contributes to the local quality of life by hosting events such as youth leadership workshops, electrical safety demonstrations for students and professionals, and energy efficiency classes. The co-op and its members underwrite college scholarships and sponsor local events.

We also express our cooperative spirit by donating time and funds to a wide variety of charitable and non-profit organizations. Walton EMC’s Operation Round Up program has disbursed millions of dollars through member donations. Co-op employees donate time, energy and resources to local charities, schools and community events and serve as leaders for community development projects.


Prioritizing service to members over profit has consistently earned Walton EMC recognition as best in customer satisfaction among the nation’s electric utilities.

We exceed members’ performance expectations by listening and responding to their interests and needs. Residential members have access to products and services that reflect their lifestyles. Commercial and industrial members can consult with knowledgeable energy advisors to identify economic power solutions.

Our member-centric service also includes access to online tools for convenience in reporting an outage, transacting business or communicating with the co-op any hour of the day. In addition, co-op employees are on call 24/7/365 to quickly restore power when outages occur.

Walton EMC customer-owners can walk into offices in Monroe, Snellville and Watkinsville for in-person interactions. Customer care representatives assist members via phone 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays.

To inform and educate members, we maintain a robust portfolio of communications vehicles and programming to cover topics such as energy efficiency, safety, electric products and new technologies.

Contact Us

Call (770) 267.2505 to speak to a Customer Care Representative from Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.