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In most states, large commercial and industrial customers don’t have a choice when it comes to their electric supplier. That’s not the case in Georgia.

Walton EMC’s unique customer choice arrangement gives many new large commercial and industrial customers the opportunity to choose their power supplier.

To prevent costly duplication of services, Georgia’s legislature defined the electric utilities’ territories with the 1973 Territorial Electric Service Act. A special provision of the act allows new customers with a connected load of 900 kilowatts or greater at full initial operation a one-time choice of power supplier.

Because Georgia’s major power suppliers jointly own the state’s transmission system, the competition is made cost effective. The Integrated Transmission System (ITS) guarantees each power supplier the ability to serve a customer choice facility.

Choosing your power supplier is an important decision. The quality of service and rates can differ greatly between suppliers. Since your decision is permanent, it makes sense to carefully weigh all the options.

Walton EMC is one of the most progressive electric utilities in the country. We’re on the cutting edge of technology with a long history of serving large, quality-sensitive electrical loads of some of the greatest companies in the country. We’re known for providing unique solutions to customers’ needs. And we deliver all of this at extremely competitive pricing.

Our 135,000 accounts in the fast-growing U.S. 78 corridor between Atlanta and Athens makes us the fourth largest electric cooperative in Georgia and the 16th largest in the United States. We’re backed by 85+ years of experience and the size, stability, leadership and expertise to meet today’s challenges.

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