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  • An application is required to begin PrePay service.
  • Please use this application for electric service only. If you want to sign up for gas service with Walton EMC Natural Gas, or for security service with EMC Security please visit their websites.
  • At this time, we cannot provide electric service outside our 10-county service territory.
  • We cannot connect electric service on Monday for online requests made during the weekend.
  • Most requests are entered within 3 business days, excluding holidays. If you need service before this, please contact the office at 770.267.2505.
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  • An application is required to begin PrePay service.
  • To start your account, you will need to pay $5 for membership in the cooperative, a $20 account establishment fee and at least $50 toward your electric account.
  • Please read Walton EMC's complete Terms and Conditions for Electric Service.
  • Please read Walton EMC's complete Service Rules.
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