Protection Tips

  1. Deter intruders before they act. If intruders know your business has an alarm and/or video surveillance system, they may be less likely to enter. Warn possible intruders with window stickers, wall signs and yard signs in visible and obvious locations; however, be careful not to deter your customers with the message.
  2. Use digital camera surveillance. Business owners have become accustomed to taping their employees and customers for safety, security and accountability measures; however, they have been restricted by the limitations of the VCR. With digital cameras, you get sharp, clear photos; you don’t have to change tapes; you can easily find incidents that occurred at a specific time and you can watch your business from anywhere with Internet access.
  3. Equip your business with an emergency button. Retail and open-door businesses are more likely targets for armed robbery. Equip your business with an emergency hold-up button to give your employees the ability to instantly and discreetly notify the alarm-monitoring center of an emergency.
  4. To ensure the reliability of your alarm system, add backup cellular devices to your system to protect against phone line outages. A backup cellular unit can send an alarm signal to the monitoring center should your phone lines ever be compromised.
  5. Protect pass codes. Store security alarm pass codes, safe combinations and spare keys off premises when feasible. If your business is equipped with a card access control system, never put your physical address on employee ID access badges. If an ID access badge is ever lost (and it will be), a potential intruder will know exactly where to use it. A post office box should be used for lost badges.


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