Operation Round Up

Operation Round Up® is Walton EMC’s community assistance program.

The concept is to extend the principle on which electric cooperatives were built over 85 years ago –– neighbor helping neighbor –– and as a cooperative to follow one of our core principles, which is commitment to community.

The program is a simple and rewarding way for our customer-owners to raise money for local charities, needy individuals and service organizations.

Read about Operation Round Up reaching $5 Million in donations here!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you elect to participate, your monthly electric bill will be “rounded up” to the next dollar. For example, if your bill is $52.51, you’ll pay $53.00. The extra 49 cents goes to a special fund administered by volunteer co-op members through the Walton EMC Trust. You’ll give an average of 50 cents a month or $6 a year. Any administrative costs are absorbed by Walton EMC, so 100 percent of your donation is used to make life better. And the Trust’s bylaws specifically prohibit paying electric bills with the money you donate. It’s also tax deductible.

Becoming an Operation Round Up donor is easy! Sign Up with this form. You can discontinue your contribution at any time.

Your monthly bill shows how much is being contributed to Operation Round Up. In December, your bill will have a yearly total for tax purposes.

The Trust Board

Members of the Walton Electric Trust Board are named by Walton EMC’s Board of Directors. Each co-op board member selects a trust board member from the district he or she represents.

The trust board volunteers many hours to make sure Operation Round Up funds are spent in the most responsible way.

Board members are (top row, from left): Glenn George, Bill Feldkamp, Henry Hibbs, Stephanie Higgins, Gloria Berry, Deedra Leach, Ed Pollard and Don Hardison. Bottom row, from left: David Foy, Patti Ruiz, Janice Knight, Sylvia Byrd, Sandra Roberts and Nancy Abbott. Not Pictured: Latasha Archer.

Operation Round Up® Results

Here are recent individuals and groups in Walton EMC’s 10-county service area that have benefited from Round Up funds:

Stand Up for Kids – $10,000 for their mentoring program that serves homeless youth. Gwinnett

Camp Twin Lakes – $10,000 for scholarships to their camps that serve children with serious illnesses and disabilities. Entire territory

Chosen for Life Ministries – $5,000 for their program to support families that care for children in Georgia’s welfare system. Barrow, Clarke, Morgan, Newton, Walton, Oconee, Rockdale

Healing for the Soul Ministries – $750 to provide nutritious food for the needy. DeKalb, Gwinnett, Rockdale, Walton

Heirborn Servants, Inc. – $2,000 to provide transportation services to single mothers who are survivors of trauma, domestic violence, human trafficking and homelessness. Barrow, Clarke, DeKalb, Walton, Gwinnett

Kilgore’s Kids, Inc. – $5,000 to build and provide free adaptive equipment to special needs and disabled children. Clarke, Oconee, Walton

Mosaic Georgia – $10,000 for advocacy for children who have experienced sexual abuse or assault. Entire territory

Palm House Recovery Center, Inc. – $6,100 to provide financial assistance for substance abuse disorder recovery. Barrow, Clarke, DeKalb, Greene, Gwinnett, Oconee, Walton

StreetWise Georgia – $10,000 to expand their food distribution to the needy. Entire territory

YMCA of Athens – $10,000 for Camp Kelly Plus, a summer day camp program for children with special session to improve literacy and STEM skills. Clarke, Greene, Oconee, Walton

YMCA of Metro Atlanta – $5,000 for their early learning readiness program. Entire territory

Faith in Serving Humanity, Shepherd’s Staff Ministries, Step by Step Recovery – $45,000 to these organizations that provide emergency food, shelter and medical needs.

Four families – $17,020 for emergency assistance.

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See for yourself how small change from Operation Round Up changes lives.
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Apply for Funds:

Walton EMC is accepting applications for the next distribution of Operation Round Up funds. Non-profit community-based organizations and individuals in need in the 10-county area served by Walton EMC are eligible to apply. Applications are reviewed by the trust board, and a decision is then made on disbursement of funds.

Or contact: Kathy Joiner, 770.266.2353, to receive an application by mail.

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