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Plug Into Advanced Power Strips

Electronics account for approximately 12 percent of the total electricity used by the average U.S. household. Advanced power strips (APSs) are an easy, low-cost way to manage the energy consumed by your home electronics and save money on your electric bill.

There are several types of APSs on the market, but all operate on the same basic principle. They prevent “vampire load” — the electricity a device uses when turned off — by sensing when a device is in standby mode and completely shutting off its power supply. Consider replacing a standard power strip with an APS if you have five or more electronics connected to your home office or entertainment center.

Which Advanced Power Strip is Right for You?

  • Timer. Automatically turns off outlets based on a pre-set schedule.
  • Activity Monitor. Looks for signs of activity in the room, and turns off outlets if none is detected.
  • Remote Switch. Can be turned off via a remote switch.
  • Master-Controlled. Automatically turns off controlled outlets where peripheral devices (such as a printer or game console) are plugged in when a primary device (such as a computer or TV) is turned off.
  • Masterless. Completely shuts off power to outlets when all controlled devices are turned off.