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Plugged In: Can I still receive a capital credit refund if I move?

A: Yes, but only if you have a current address on file with us.

Capital credits represent any excess revenues left after all of the co-op’s expenses are paid. Your share of the capital credits distributed is based on the amount of money you spent with us during your period of membership in the co-op.

Most current customer-owners receive their capital credit distribution as a bill credit in early December or early January. If you are no longer living in Walton EMC’s service area, your refund is mailed.

To receive your capital credit refund, share a forwarding address with the co-op when you discontinue service. Keep in mind that money in your capital credit account may be distributed over several years, so remember to revise your contact information each time your address changes. Call 770.266.2323 to report an address change.

Unclaimed capital credit refunds go into a fund provided for by Georgia law. The money supports community projects such as providing post-secondary education scholarships for students living or attending school in the Walton EMC service area.