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Plugged In: myWaltonEMC

Question: How can I use information from myWaltonEMC to save energy?

Answer: As temperatures drop, energy consumption rises. So now is a good time to become familiar with the energy-tracking features available via the myWaltonEMC web portal and mobile app. The app provides easy-to-read graphs that give you a detailed look at your past and current usage all in one place. You can view your usage and weather trends by month, day or hour.

Having access to this real-time data lets you:

  • See how your power demand corresponds to outdoor temperatures.
  •  Analyze and understand what your typical or average usage is for a particular time period, such as a certain day of the week.
  • Note changes in your usage.
  • Create and track a monthly budget to avoid unexpected high utility bills.

Take advantage of this free tool! Download the myWaltonEMC app from the App Store or Google Play.