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Use small appliances for the Thanksgiving win

Between pots boiling on the burners and turkey roasting in the oven, preparing Thanksgiving dinner can gobble up a lot of electricity. But there may be an energy-saving solution already sitting in your pantry. Pull out those small kitchen appliances for a meal prep strategy that saves electricity and eases cooking chores.

PRESSURE COOKER – Using an electric pressure cooker, such as Insta Pot, can save as much as 70 percent of energy compared with electric stovetop or oven cooking. It’s ideal for making many classic Thanksgiving foods — even the turkey. Use it to make feast staples like cranberry sauce, cornbread, sweet potato casserole and green beans. It’s also handy for quickly churning out giblet gravy.

SLOW COOKER – With a roasting turkey in the oven, the slow cooker is an energy-efficient way to make side dishes. Cooking food in a slow cooker for 8 hours uses a similar amount of energy as running the average oven for 35–55 minutes. A slow cooker is perfect for making stuffing, casseroles and any
grain- or rice-based side dish. If you’re willing to forgo the look of a golden roasted turkey, look for recipes to cook a flavorful turkey breast in a slow cooker.

AIR FRYER – An air fryer can be your secret weapon for cooking Thanksgiving dishes. Similar to a small convection oven, it uses less than half the energy of a standard, full-size oven because it takes less time to preheat, cooks food faster and uses less electricity during cooking. Potatoes, Brussels sprouts, green beans, rolls and even apple pies can be cooked in an air fryer. For energy-efficient turkey preparation that has oven-roasted flavor, try a split turkey breast prepared in the air fryer.